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Restore and Protect with Swole AF PCT: The Ultimate All-in-One Post Cycle Therapy Formula

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Swole AF PCT has Been Discontinued Try Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Arimiplex for a Comprehensive PCT Product

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Experience the power of Swole AF PCT, a comprehensive post cycle therapy (PCT) formula designed to restore your natural hormone levels and safeguard against organ stress after anabolic cycles. This all-in-one PCT supplement eliminates the guesswork of designing your own regimen, providing a convenient and effective solution.

How Does Swole AF PCT Work?

Swole AF PCT supports natural hormone production with a powerful combination of ingredients. It targets natural testosterone production using fenugreek extract, ensuring optimal levels. Growth hormone levels are supported by a high-quality velvet bean extract standardized to 99% L-Dopa. To control estrogen metabolism, arimistane (androsta-3,5-dien-7,17-one) is included, along with chrysin, a naturally occurring anti-estrogen compound.

Organ Health Support:

Swole AF PCT goes beyond hormone regulation by prioritizing organ health. A blend of milk thistle, N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC), Saw Palmetto, and Hawthorn berry is incorporated to restore and protect the liver, kidneys, heart, and prostate.

Key Benefits of Swole AF PCT:

  1. Hormone Restoration: Swole AF PCT aids in restoring natural hormone levels, including testosterone and growth hormone, which may be affected by anabolic cycles.
  2. Testosterone Support: Fenugreek extract targets natural testosterone production, ensuring optimal levels.
  3. Estrogen Control: Arimistane and chrysin work together to manage estrogen metabolism and prevent estrogen-related side effects.
  4. Organ Health Protection: The inclusion of milk thistle, NAC, Saw Palmetto, and Hawthorn berry supports and safeguards the liver, kidneys, heart, and prostate.
  5. Simplified Solution: Swole AF PCT offers an all-in-one formula, eliminating the need for complex PCT regimens.
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-When do I need PCT?
PCT is recommended after any cycle that involves hormonal substances. It is designed to be used upon finishing a steroid, sarm, or prohormone cycle.
-Can I use this as a standalone?
Sure SAF PCT has a bunch of quality ingredients that will be beneficial after a cycle or on its own.

Serving Size: 3 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 30

Fenugreek Extract - 400mg
L-Dopa - 800mg
Milk Thistle - 400mg
N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine - 200mg
Saw Palmetto - 160mg
Hawthorn Berry Extract - 150mg
Arimistane - 100mg
Chrysin - 100mg

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Restore and Protect with Swole AF PCT: The Ultimate All-in-One Post Cycle Therapy Formula

$45.99 $49.99
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