1-AD and Sustanon 250 Stack
1-andro 4-andro stack
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1-AD and Sustanon 250 Stack

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4 Week Cycle Includes: (1) 1-AD, (1) Sustanon 250
8 Week Cycle Includes: (2) 1-AD, (2) Sustanon 250

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Stacking 1-Andro with 4-Andro is the gold standard prohormone stack for those looking to enhance all-around performance.  You can expect both strength and muscle size gains.  1-Andro converts to the potent compound 1-Testosterone; 4-Andro converts to the king hormone testosterone.

1-AD Ingredients:

75mg of 1-DHEA

50mg of 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin Acetate

Sustanon 250 Ingredients:

30mg of 4-DHEA Propionate

45mg of 4-DHEA Enanthate

45mg of 4-DHEA Isocaproate

30mg of 4-DHEA Decanoate

100mg of Epiandrosterone

These two products combine a synergistic combination of 1-andro, a four-compound 4-andro blend, with the addition of natural anabolic enhancer laxogenin




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