Frenzy Labz Diced Up
Frenzy Labz Diced Up Ingredients Label

Frenzy Labz: Diced Up | Thermogenic Fat Burner

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What is Frenzy Labz Diced up?

Diced up by Frenzy Labz is a thermogenic fat burning supplement with 1,3. It has a unique formula to promote weight loss and energy. This formula combines tried and true ingredients to lose weight, burn more calories, and increase your metabolism. This is done all while promoting razor sharp focus and insane energy.


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  • Ferocious Fat Burning
  • Mind Blowing Focus
  • Everlasting Energy
  • Decrease Body Fat



  • Caffeine - 250mg
  • 1,3 - 75mg
  • Ephedra - 25mg
  • Synephrine - 75mg
  • Capsimax - 100mg
  • Lions Mane - 200mg
  • Paradoxine - 15mg
  • Bioperine - 2.5mg


How Does it Work?

Frenzy Labz Diced Up is a thermogenic fat burner that can help you shed a large amount of fat. Mediocre ingredients like green tea extract or a single amino acid were excluded from this formula. It utilizes caffeine for energy and metabolism. 1,3-dimethylamylamine is added for intense energy and euphoria this was the ingredient that everybody loved in Oxyelite Pro. Originally this dietary ingredient was developed as a nasal decongestant but was then used as a fat burner and energy supplement. Ephedra is one of the most sought after ingredients to lose fat. Synephrine, Capsimax, and Paradoxine are fat burners that work by boosting your metabolism. They promote fat loss by enhancing diet and exercise. Bioperine is commonly found in supplements and other weight loss pills for greater oral absorption.

Diced Up Fat Burner Dosage

Frenzy Labz recommends taking one capsule in the morning ore early afternoon. Taking the capsule in the morning may prevent disturbance in sleep which can be caused by the stimulating ingredients.

Frenzy Labz Diced up Side Effects

As with any fat burner there have been adverse events reported for all ingredients but not specifically with Diced Up fat burner. Stimulants in general have had incidence of side effects ranging from stomach discomfort to heart attack.

It is important to consult with a doctor prior to any supplement and / or workout routine. Check with your governing body to ensure this product does not contain banned substances.




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