Hollow Labs Shadow Black Pre Workout
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Hollow Labs: Shadow Black | Energy AMPlifier

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Hollow Labs Shadow Black Pre Workout is a high stim energy supplement, through and through.  It is a concentrated 6.4g scoop primarily formulated for focus and energy.  The only ingredient which is not stimulant focused is the beta-alanine.   Beta-alanine is an endurance enhancer, which compliments the stim blend.


Stim Heavy and Hard Hitting 


Hollow Labs Shadow Black Pre Workout Ingredients

 Beta-Alanine - 2500mg

L-Tyrosine - 1000mg

Caffeine - 350mg

Eria Jarensis - 200mg

Theobromine - 200mg

DMAA - 100mg

Infinergy - 75mg

Alpha-Yohimbine - 2.5mg




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