Ironmag Labs: Carb Fix | Glucose Disposal Agent
Ironmag Labs: Carb Fix | Glucose Disposal Agent
Ironmag Labs

Ironmag Labs: Carb Fix | Glucose Disposal Agent

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Ironmag Labs Carb Fix

Ironmag Labs Carb Fix is a Glucose Disposal Agent, used for enhancing insulin sensitivity and reducing blood sugar. This product can be used in all aspects of strength and physique sports as a performance enhancing supplement.

The GDA supplement can be used successfully for any diet type, whether you are on a high carbohydrate GDA bodybuilding diet or trying to decrease blood sugar to promote ketosis.

Ironmag Labs Carb Fix is an excellent stand alone or can promote greater benefit of any supplement regiment.

Glucose Disposal Agent Benefits

  • Decrease Blood Sugar
  • Better Utilize Cheat Meals
  • Release Insulin
  • Muscle Gains
  • Muscle Pump / Fullness
  • Enhance Body Composition
  • Promote Fat Loss

What Does a Glucose Disposal Agent Do?

"What does glucose disposal agent do?" "What is the GDA for sugar?" These are common questions asked by the health conscious and athletes alike.

GDA supplements act in two ways, to optimize insulin and decrease blood sugar. GDA supplements increase insulin sensitivity to better utilize the natural insulin produced by your body. They also act as insulin secretagogues or insulin mimetics, which assist to release insulin naturally.

These insulin modulating properties can improve body composition and promote fat loss. Ironmag Labs Carb Fix is especially effective as it targets several types of insulin enhancement.

GDA Bodybuilding, Aesthetics, and Strength

The GDA carbohydrate relationship is a very beneficial one for health and performance. The dialing in of blood sugar / insulin performance, will drive carbohydrates to the muscles and organs in need of carbs. This will promote fullness in muscles, decrease chance for sugar to be stored as fat, and help recovery.

Strength and physique athletes can use this for taking advantage of high carb meals and promoting muscle gains. It is well known that insulin is one of the most anabolic hormones there is, Carb Fix will help you with producing insulin naturally.

Stacking Glucose Disposal Agents

GDA supplements are excellent for stacking with any supplement other than one that already modulates blood sugar. Adding a GDA to a growth hormone product can be extremely beneficial, as many GH products limit insulin sensitivity.

The most common bodybuilding stack is Test, GH, and Slin

You can replicate this stack with the following products



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