LEGENDARY LABS: VIRTUE | Potent Thermogenic
LEGENDARY LABS: VIRTUE | Potent Thermogenic

LEGENDARY LABS: VIRTUE | Potent Thermogenic

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Virtue by Legendary Labs is a hardcore fat burning, energy promoting, mood enhancing, and focus agent.  It contains a superb combination of all the right ingredients at a modest dose, packed into 1 capsule.



  • Fat Loss
  • Extreme Energy and Focus
  • Mood Boost

Legendary Labs Virtue Ingredients

  • Infinergy
  • caffeine
  • 2-aminoisoheptane
  • higenamine
  • dynamine
  • bitter orange 
  • cayenne pepper
  • Noopept
  • Paradoxine
  • ProGBB

How Does Virtue Work?

  • Infinergy - Di-caffeine malate for quick onset energy
  • caffeine - for increased energy
  • 2-aminoisoheptane - Mood boosting focus and intense energy
  • higenamine - Adrenergic stimulant and fat burner
  • dynamine - Caffeine derivative for which is longer acting with a smoother delivery
  • bitter orange - Natural source of  synephrine
  • cayenne pepper - Natural source of fat burner capsaicin
  • Noopept - Powerful nootropic agent for focus and motivation
  • Paradoxine - Natural thermogenic fat burner
  • ProGBB - Natural compound for carnitine related benefits, pump, and thermogenesis 

Virtue Dosage 

Legendary Labs recommends assessing tolerance with one capsule in the morning.  Asses tolerance for a minimum of 3 days.  Then user may take up to two capsules per day.


Who Should Take Legendary Labs Virtue?

Virtue is intended for users looking for noticeable results.  Users looking for increased fat burning or fat loss will benefit greatly.  It can be used when dieting or preparing for special events.  Users also looking for appetite suppression will find it is much easier to reduce calorie intake.  Those that wish to boost mood, focus, and motivation will also love this supplement.


Is Legendary Labs Virtue banned?

No, Virtue is a hardcore product but is currently available and shipping worldwide.  Athletes should check with their governing body before use.


What are Legendary Labs Virtue Side Effects?

Virtue will exhibit the same side effects as most stimulants.  Stimulants can cause increase in heart rate and blood pressure.  It is important to consult a physician before use.




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