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Ward Smelling Salts: Bottled Insanity XL | Best Smelling Salts

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Experience heightened alertness and energy for sports and lifting with Bottled Insanity XL by Ward Smelling Salts, potent ammonia inhalants renowned for their strength.

Bottled Insanity by Ward Smelling Salts

Bottled Insanity XL is a 32g bottle of ammonia inhalant smelling salts. These are considered some of the best smelling salts for lifting! Ammonia inhalant and or ammonia salts are other names for these products. Take a whiff out of this bottle and it will light up your senses!

These high performance smelling salts are insanely strong. Ward Smelling Salts makes high quality smelling salt products.

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Ward Smelling Salts 

What are Smelling Salts?

What are Smelling Salts Made of?

Smelling salts, ammonia inhalants, AKA ammonia salts are a blend of ammonia carbonate and other fragrances. Ammonia salts were initially designed to awake an unconscious person in a medical or emergency setting.

How Smelling Salts Work

The ammonia irritates your nasal passage for a short period of time. This reaction to the smelling salt stimulates energy and alertness which can benefit athletic performance.

What are Smelling Salts For?

  • Medical use for awaking an unconscious or non-responding person.
  • Hockey players use smelling salts.
  • Football players use smelling salts.
  • Smelling salts for powerlifting.
  • Smelling salts for weightlifting.
  • Smelling salts for athletes.
  • Athletic Performance

Where to Buy Smelling Salts

If you are searching the term; where to buy smelling salts, then you have come to the right place. We carry Ward Smelling Salts Bottled Insanity XL. You can purchase Ward Smelling salts directly from... Read More

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Q&A: Ward Smelling Salts - Bottled Insanity XL

Q1: What sets Bottled Insanity XL apart as one of the best smelling salts for lifting?

A1: Bottled Insanity XL by Ward Smelling Salts stands out with its 32g bottle of potent ammonia inhalant, renowned for its exceptional strength, awakening senses and enhancing alertness during lifting.

Q2: How do smelling salts work, and what benefits do they offer for athletic performance?

A2: Smelling salts, composed of ammonia carbonate and fragrances, irritate the nasal passage, stimulating a brief burst of energy and alertness. Ideal for various athletes, including powerlifters, weightlifters, hockey players, and football players.

Q3: Are smelling salts suitable for medical use, and what is the intended purpose for athletes?

A3: Originally designed for medical emergencies, smelling salts are now widely used in sports. They serve to awaken unconscious individuals and provide an energy boost for athletes, contributing to enhanced athletic performance.

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Ward Smelling Salts: Bottled Insanity XL | Best Smelling Salts

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