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Beta Androstenetriol: b-AET | Topical Solution

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Androstene-3 beta-7 beta-17 beta-triol is the standard nomenclature for a compound more commonly referred to as Beta Androstenetriol or b-AET for short.  Invictus topical solution by Iron Legion is a convenient application method for this compound.  b-AET is commonly used to promote a lean and muscular physique.



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What is Iron Legion Invictus

Invictus is a highly effective prohormone used for physique enhancement.  It consists of  b-androstenetriol which has been dissolved in a carrying solution to apply to your skin. 

The carrying solution makes this highly absorbable.  Beta Androstenetriol is a unique compound used among physique athletes.  It can be used by both men and women. 

Androstene-3 beta-7 beta-17 beta-triol  Benefits

  • Cortisol Control
  • Increased Fat Loss
  • Maintain Muscle Mass
  • Support Inflammation Response
  • Support Immune System
  • No HPTA Suppression
  • Can be Used With PCT
  • Can be Stacked With Fat Burners

Beta-Androstenetriol Dosage

Manufacturer Directions:

Use the dropper to apply .5ml topically, twice daily (once in the AM, once in the PM) Ideal application sites include the chest, shoulders, and neck.

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-Can women use this prohormone?
Yes, both men and women can use this product.
-Do I need PCT for this?
No, Androstene-3 beta-7 beta-17 beta-triol does not suppress your natural hormone production. It can actually be used in conjunction with PCT.

(Androstene-3 beta-7 beta-17 beta-triol)

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Beta Androstenetriol: b-AET | Topical Solution

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