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LG Sciences: Trifecta Kit | 6 week Prohormone Cycle

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Are you looking for a complete supplement solution? Look no further than the LG Sciences Trifecta Kit. This all-in-one kit has everything you need to maximize your muscle growth and performance.

What is LG Sciences Trifecta Kit?

The LG Sciences Trifecta Kit is an all-in-one supplement solution for serious bodybuilders. It contains three powerful supplements that are designed to maximize muscle growth and performance. This comprehensive bundle ensures you're getting the most from your workout and gives you the nutrients you need to excel in the gym.

What are the Benefits of the LG Sciences Trifecta Kit?

The LG Sciences Trifecta Kit provides a wide range of benefits to bodybuilders. The kit includes Epi-Andro, a dry prohormone that supports aggression and helps you gain hard, dry muscles in the gym.
It also has M1d Andro, a wet prohormone, and substantial unapproved anti-estrogen.
Finally, it has Form-XT, a potent pct for keeping your gains after your prohormone cycle.
All of these supplements are designed to work synergistically to give you the maximum results possible. With the LG Sciences Trifecta Kit, you won't have to worry about any deficiencies in your diet or supplement plan.

Cycling Of LG Sciences Trifecta Kit

For maximum results, take each dose of M1D and Epi Andro evenly throughout the day and at least 10 minutes apart. For example, you could take the M1D at 8 am and then again at 8:15 am.

Weeks 1-4 M1D Andro: Consume one M1D capsule three times each day with a full glass of water. Once in the morning, once more during the afternoon, and finally before bedtime.

Weeks 5-8 Epi Andro: Consume one capsule of Epi Andro three times a day with a full glass... Read More

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LG Sciences: Trifecta Kit | 6 week Prohormone Cycle

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