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The company that introduced Herolean Fat Burning Pre-Workout and the well-known Crack Pre-Workout, Dark Labs, has launched another masterpiece, a hit Pre-Workout Dark Labs Flame.

This product contains so many powerhouse ingredients that it is essentially viewed as the stim addicts' ideal world. With Dark Energy no longer available, this is one of the go-to alternatives because it provides an equally potent Pre-Workout. Despite the difficulty of replacing Dark Energy, this product hits all the right notes.

Dark Labs is the famous creator of the extremely strong, Crack pre workout.  Flame pre workout is Dark Lab's latest release, and packs a punch. Flame has bridged the gap between their top-rated products.

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What is Dark Labs Flame Pre workout?

Dark Labs Flame pre-workout is designed for intense, euphoric energy paired with laser focus. The formula contains agmatine sulfate and creatinol-o-phosphate for muscle fullness. This is followed by 7 stimulant ingredients for mind blowing energy and two absorption-enhancing ingredients to deliver these compounds right to your bloodstream.

What are the flavors in Flame Pre-Workout?

Flame pre workout is available in the below mentioned flavors

  • Rainbow Candy Flavor
  • Blueberry Lemonade Flavor
  • Refreshing Watermelon Flavor

What are the Ingredients in Flame Pre Workout?

Flame Pre workout product is made of the following ingredients:

Ingredient What it does to the body
Agmatine Sulfate For improved athletic performance.
Beta Phenylethylamine This is a monoamine used for CNS stimulation
N-phenethyldimethylamine (Eria Jarensis Extract) A euphoric phenylethylamine stimulant
Theobromine This is an alkaloid from Cacao that has been consumed for thousands of years. And benefits in many ways, from weight loss to improved focus
Caffeine Anhydrous The Gold standard of stimulants for energy production.
DMHA A very strong, dopamine-enhancing stimulant
Caffeine Citrate A form of caffeine designed for faster absorption
Isopropylnorsynephrine This is a fat-burning and energy-producing stimulant
Naringin Citrus Flavonoid for enhanced absorption
Black Pepper Extract Helps in the body’s absorption
Alpha Yohimbine The isomer of Yohimbine that adds stimulating and fat-burning effects

Dark Labs Flame Pre-Workout Benefits

The finest high-stim pre-workout by Dark Labs is Flame. It feels great, is really smooth, and still has some punch. You don't have to wait forever for the effects of fasting to manifest. It gets to work right away.

Top reviewers have stated that this DMAA-free powerhouse strikes you in a variety of ways, including the following:

Flame Pre Workout brings a tremendous lot of drive and concentration.

Excellent mood elevation. Probably more than any other substance from Dark Labs, this one is a complete mood booster.

Dark Labs Flame Pre Workout has multiple benefits some are as follows:

  • No crash — You won't experience the dreaded pre-workout crash here.
  • Works fast.
  • Excellent attention and energy.
  • Amazing mood improvement.
  • Intense and Long lasting Energy
  • Intensity
  • Euphoria
  • Instant strength increase
  • Improved workout capacity
  • Improved vascularity

Is there any SIDE EFFECTS of Dark Labs Flame Pre-Workout?

The most crucial side effects of Dark Labs Flame Pre workout, which you should be aware of before buying this product:

    • You might start feeling stumped after around 90 minutes, but it was never too much.
    • There was no crash, which can make you quite sensitive.
    • No ingredients for pumps.
    • The 1.5 mg of Alpha Yohimbine won't appeal to people who are really sensitive to it.
    • And it is too long to take in the late afternoon or evening.

What is the difference between Dark Labs Flame and Dark Labs Crack?

The main difference between these two supplements is that Crack contains DMAA while Flame does not. DMAA is a stimulant that has been banned by the FDA and as a result, many pre-workout supplements that once contained DMAA have had to reformulate their products. While DMAA is known for being incredibly effective, it is also very potent and can cause adverse side effects in some people. For this reason, Dark Labs decided to leave DMAA out of Flame and create a product that would still be very effective, but not as intense as the other one.

Where to Buy Flame Pre Workout?

You can buy Flame Pre workout from nutritionalsupplementshop, or you can directly shop from here: Flame pre workout page. Nutritional Supplement Shop is an elite fitness and stamina supplement online shop to fulfill all your needs related to prohormone, pre-workout, weight loss/ energy, and muscle-building stacks.

Dark Labs Flame Review

The manufacturer of Crack and Herolean, Dark Labs, also produces Flame Pre Workout. Eria Jarensis and DMHA are prominent ingredients in Flame.

But was all the hype justified? 



Because of great focus, incredible euphoria, and no crash, it lasts for several hours and has excellent legs. Flame has a pleasant feel and finds the ideal balance between comfort and intensity. It is powerful without feeling "too much."

For stim addicts, it's simple to recommend this one because it just hits. It comes on swiftly, strikes the perfect intensity sweet spot, and lasts several hours without crashing. Also, Flame Pre-Workout gets an A+ for its blueberry lemonade flavor, which is really tasty.

FAQ About Flame Pre Workout

1. Does Dark Labs Flame Have DMAA?

No, Flame Pre Workout does not include DMAA. Unlike Crack Dark Labs, it still contains many powerful stimulants that stim junkies love to find in pre-workouts.

2. Does Dark Labs Crack Have DMAA?

Yes, it has DMAA. It is an incredibly potent pre-workout booster containing DMAA that was created especially for challenging workouts.

3. Is Dark Labs Crack Any Good?

Yes, it is really good. If focus is what you're after, this product is a superb high-stim experience that gives it a top position in the list of best DMAA pre-workout supplements.

4. How Much Caffeine Is In Flame Pre Workout?

Flame pre-workout has a total caffeine content of 400 mg. 100 mg of caffeine citrate, a quicker-acting type of caffeine, and 300 mg of caffeine anhydrous make up the entire daily caffeine intake.

5. What Are The Effects of Flame Pre-Workout?

The most noticeable effects of Flame are energy, focus, and euphoria. Additionally, it lasts for about 4-5 hours.

6. How Much Eria Jarensis Does Flame Have?

Flame contains as much Eria Jarensis (300 mg) as is generally found in any pre-workout product.

7. How long will the effects of Eria Jarensis last?

The effects of Eria Jarensis can last anywhere from 5-10minutes

8. What does Eria Jarensis feel like?

The feeling of Eria Jarensis is highly stimulating and gives users a sense of focus, euphoria, and motivation. Many have described the feeling as similar to that of amphetamines such as Adderall.

9. Is Dark Labs Flame legal?

Yes, Flame Pre Workout is legal. It doesn't contain any prohibited substances.

10. How long will I experience the effects of Flame Pre-Workout?

The effects of Flame Pre-Workout are long-lasting, with most people reporting feeling the effects for 4-5 hours.

11. Is Flame Preworkout safe?

Flame Pre Workout is safe to take as directed. Dark Labs has included doses of each ingredient that have been proven to be safe and effective. As with any other supplement, it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor before beginning any new supplement regimen.

12. How to use Flame Preworkout?

As a dietary supplement, mix 1 scoop of Flame Pre Workout with 8-10 oz of cold water. Do not consume more than 2 scoops within 24 hours.

13. When should I take Flame Preworkout?

It is best to take Flame Pre Workout 20-30 minutes before exercise.

14. What is a pre workout?

Pre workout is an ingredient in a drink mix that claims to enhance fitness performance if you consume it prior to your workout.

Dark Labs Flame Review

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