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Somatomax Hi Tech

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Somatomax is an effective dietary supplement which promotes relaxation and sleep. Somatomax contains 20 servings of a 14g proprietary blend packed with powerful sleep aid ingredients. This is a sleep supplement that promotes performance, recovery, growth hormone release, and weight loss. 


  • Increase Growth Hormone Release
  • Improve Sleep and Mood
  • Promote Euphoria
  • Lean Muscle 
  • Weight Loss
  • Enhanced Libido


  • Rocket Pop
  • Fruit Punch
  • Berry Banana
  • Lemon Drop
  • Exotic Fruit
  • Snow Cone

Hi-Tech Somatomax Ingredients

Serving size is 1 Scoop 

There 20 Servings per container

Each Scoop Contains 14G of:

  • 4 Amino 3 Phenyl butyric Acid / Phenibut
  • Gamma Amino Butyric Acid / GABA
  • Mucuna Pruriens Extract (Standardized To 20% L-Dopa)
  • L-Arginine HCL
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L Phenyl alanine
  • Vitamin B-6 / Pyridoxine HCL

How Does it Work?

Somatomax is an extremely effective sleep aid with many other benefits. It combines amino acids, vitamins, and neuro transmitter modulators. It promotes restful sleep, enhances mood, increases HGH release, promotes recovery, stimulates lean muscle mass, and fat loss all while reducing stress.

  • 4 amino 3 phenyl butyric acid is also referred to as phenibut. Phenibut is a hard to find ingredient which is highly effective in promoting euphoric relaxation. This compound paired with GABA is awesome for a truly chilled out mood.
  • L-Dopa, L-Tyrosine, and L phenyl alanine provide building blocks for neuro transmitters. This helps the body to restore all of the neuro transmitters that are used throughout the day. This allows the user to wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day.
  • B-6 can promote lucid dreaming and melatonin production.


Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals suggests taking 1 heaping scoop of Somatomax with 8oz of cold water, 30 minutes prior to bed. Then relax, sleep, and ride the new wave of HGH release.


Is it Banned?

The FDA has sent warning letters to companies in regard to phenibut.; However, phenibut has not been banned. It does not appear to be on the WADA list at the time this article is being written. However, it is important to check with your governing body to ensure there are not banned ingredients.


Who Should Take it?

This mood boosting sleep aid can be beneficial universally, many recommend this product. 

This supplement if for those looking to

  • enhance your sleep
  • brighten your mood
  • increase morning energy
  • lose weight
  • recover from a workout
  • gain muscle

This is also an excellent tool to promote sleep after taking a powerful fat burner or pre-workout.


Somatomax Negative Side Effects

Somatomax is generally well received but user should use caution as it can make you sleepy. You should not operate a vehicle or heavy machinery. However, Somatomax negative side effects can be experienced. Somatomax negative side effects may incl drowsiness, stomach discomfort, and temporary shortness of breath.

 Somatomax Reviews

Somatomax reviews can be read and left at the bottom of this page. Somatomax reviews are spread across many sites. The Somatomax reviews are generally very good.

Somatomax reviews typically report exvellent sleep, well being, and enhanced energy the next day from such good sleep. If you have tried it, please add to our Somatomax reviews at the bottom of the page.

Somatomax Amazon

Somatomax Amazon is not available as it seems many Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals products are banned. They have removed Somatomax amazon due to its hardcore nature. Most specifically due to phenibut.

Somatomax Wiki

Somatomax wiki link can't be found. There are rarely wiki pages for specific supplement products. Instead of searching Somatomax wiki, you can use an ingredient of somatomax + wiki to learn more. Phenibut is probably the strongest ingredient so searching phenibut wiki may be useful.

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration.

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