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Iconic Formulations: Dermacrine | Topical DHEA Pregnenolone Cream

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Iconic Formulations Dermacrine is a hormone optimizing cream.  The pregnenolone and DHEA stack target multiple hormones to promote performance, libido, and well being.  Pregnenolone and DHEA are considered prohormones although they do not interfere with your natural hormone production.  

Dermacrine is perfect as a standalone or stacked with any other supplement or prohormone.

How to Use

1. Administer lotion every morning, after a shower
2. 150-190 lbs : 3 pumps, 191-230 lbs : 4 pumps, 231+ lbs ; 5 pumps
3. Allow 4-5 minutes to dry
*Apply to shoulders and upper-back for best conversion
Only apply the product to clean, dry skin. Shaving off body hair is recommended, but not required. Also, avoid swimming, bathing or tanning for at least 6 hours after application.

Iconic formulations Dermacrine ships worldwide.

-How long should I use Dermacrine for?
Dermacrine can be used for up to 12 weeks.
-How long will the bottle last me?
It should last approximately 26-43 days, depending upon how many pumps you use.
-Do I need PCT?
No you will not need PCT; DHEA and Pregnenolone should have minimal suppression on your HPTA.

Pumps per Container: 130

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Iconic Formulations: Dermacrine | Topical DHEA Pregnenolone Cream

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