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Iron Legion: Virtus | 7-hydroxy-4-imidazolylflavan

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What is Iron Legion Virtus

Iron Legion Virtus is a powerful 7-hydroxy-4-imidazolylflavan topical, a non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor designed to support the highest level of estrogen management and enhance testosterone. Its strong potency allows for maximum benefit.

Iron Legion states that 7-hydroxy-4-imidazolylflavan is:

  • Up to 10 times more potent than Formestane
  • Up to 12 times more potent than alpha-naphthoflavone (7,8-benzoflavone)
  • Up to 127 times more potent than aminoglutheamide

  7-hydroxy-4-imidazolylflavan Benefits

  • Estrogen Management
  • Testosterone
  • Muscle Hardening and Vascularity
  • Less Water Retention

7-hydroxy-4-imidazolylflavan Dosage

Iron Legion Virtus is suggested to be applied to the skin daily.  Use the supplied dropper to administer 0.5-1.0ml per day.  Do not exceed 1.0ml per day.

Iron Legion Virtus ships worldwide.
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-When should I use this?
This versatile compound can be used as a standalone for muscle hardening and reduced water retention.
On cycle as an AI for estrogen control.
Or as your PCT from a SARM, prohormone, or steroid cycle.


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Iron Legion: Virtus | 7-hydroxy-4-imidazolylflavan

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