Monster Matrix Prohormone Stack
Monster Matrix Prohormone Stack
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Monster Matrix Prohormone Stack

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Mega Plexx Cycle


4 Week Cycle:
(1) Osta-Plex, (1) Monster Plexx, (1) Tribesterone, (1) Nolva Bomb
8 Week Cycle: 
(2) Osta-Plex, (2) Monster Plexx, (1) Tribesterone, (1) Nolva Bomb

The Mega Plexx cycle contains a plethora of andros and non-hormonal anabolics to have you looking like a monster!  These products combine 1, 4, 19-nor, and 5-alpha andros with plant sterols laxogenin, diosgenin, and turkesterone among others.  This comprehensive approach takes advantage of many different muscle building pathways.

The PCT will have your natural test booming while helping to shed water weight and bodyfat.



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