muscle gelz testrozone
muscle gelz testrozone
Muscle Gelz

Muscle Gelz: Testrozone | Topical Anabolic Muscle Builder

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What is Testrozone from Muscle GelZ?

Muscle GelZ Testrozone is a topical gel with natural anabolic substances to promote aesthetic muscle growth.

This topical skin toner is an 8oz bottle of gel with a pump top for easy skin application. This topical gel is to support muscle growth, strength, and fullness.

Testrozone Gel Benefits

  • DHEA
  • Blood Flow
  • Muscle Building
  • Strength Building
  • Muscle Fullness

Muscle GelZ Testrozone Ingredients

  • Icariin - 625mg
  • Laxogenin - 50mg
  • 5-DHEA - 50mg
  • Dimethyl Iso sorbide (DMI) 
  • Ethoxydiglycol 
  • Propylene glycol 
  • Glycerin
  • Carbomer
  • Tri ethanol amine (TEA) 


How Does it Work? 

  • Icariin is a plant alkaloid isolated from Epimedium brevicornum which is also known as horny goat weed.  This substances has been know to increase blood flow and male sexual performance.

  • Laxogenin is isolated from Smilax officinalis.  It is commonly used as a non-hormonal anabolic for muscle building

  • Super 5-DHEA is the father prohormone to all other testosterone precursors.  It is known to convert to several different androgen precursors.  Androgens help with muscularity, hardness, and strength.

  • Dimethyl Iso sorbide (DMI) – is a carrier which offers a safe, effective delivery enhancement mechanism for the active ingredients in Humanogen.
  • Ethoxydiglycol – is a cosmetic grade solvent that conforms to the current USP/NF monographs. Ethoxydiglycol is particularly appropriate for skin care preparations where it acts as an excellent solvent and carrier.
  • Propylene glycol – is an organic compound that is used 2 primary reasons. First, it has the traits of a humectant; it is able to absorb and help the skin retain moisture. Second, it helps active ingredients penetrate the skin.
  • Glycerin – when used on skin works as humectant, which is why it attracts moisture onto your skin.
  • Carbomer – helps to distribute and suspend the active ingredients in the Humanogen gel.
  • Tri ethanol amine (TEA) – Helps the water soluble and oil-soluble ingredients blend better. TEA neutralizes fatty acids and solubilizes oils and other ingredients that are not completely soluble in water.


Muscle GelZ Testrozone Dosage

Muscle Gelz recommends applying 6-10 pumps in the AM, then the same dose at night.


Muscle GelZ Testrozone Safety Considerations

You should consult with a physician prior to any drug, supplement, or physical activity regimen.

Who Should Take This?

This is an excellent product for male athletes.

Testrozone Review

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