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b-aet prohormone structure

Androstene-3 Beta-7 Beta-17 Beta-Triol

Struggling with inflammation and immune issues? Androstene-3 beta-7 beta-17 beta-triol might hold the key to relief. This powerful DHEA metabolite not only fights inflammation but also boosts your body's defenses.

In this blog, you'll learn how it works and why it's a game-changer for your health. Let's explore....

Key Takeaways

  • Androstene-3 Beta-7 Beta-17 Beta-Triol (βAET) significantly reduces acute inflammation and boosts the immune system in lab tests and real-life studies.
  • βAET can lower total cholesterol levels in healthy adults but has no effect on elderly or hyperlipidemic subjects.
  • Phase I clinical trials confirmed that βAET is safe for humans, with injection site reactions as the most common side effect.
  • In Phase II trials, elderly participants experienced common injection site reactions like edema, pain, and erythema after subcutaneous administration.
  • Athletes use Invictus containing βAET to enhance physical performance by controlling cortisol, increasing fat loss while maintaining muscle mass.

Pharmacological Properties

Androstene-3 Beta-7 Beta-17 Beta-Triol has significant effects on the immune system. It also influences cholesterol levels in the blood.

Immune Modulating Effects

β-AET, also known as beta androstenetriol, significantly helps manage inflammation. Studies show that β-AET can reduce acute inflammation in both lab settings and living organisms.

This reduction is a big deal because it means less swelling and pain from injuries or infections. Apart from fighting inflammation, β-AET boosts the immune system's response. In adult mice, it made their immune systems stronger and even reversed signs of aging in older mice.

This compound doesn’t just stop there; it upregulates the host’s immune response which prevents suppression of immunity. That means your body can fight off diseases more effectively with β-AET.

Natural anti-inflammatory C-19 steroids like β-AET keep healthy people feeling great by maintaining strong immune systems... they act as tiny bodyguards against harmful invaders! The Immune-modulating power of this prohormone is truly remarkable—making everyday health issues easier to handle.

Impact on Serum Cholesterol Levels

Androstene-3 Beta-7 Beta-17 Beta-Triol (βAET) can change cholesterol levels. It reduces total cholesterol in normal, healthy adults but shows no effect on elderly or hyperlipidemic subjects.

So, while it’s not a universal fix, βAET is effective for some groups.

Studies indicate that short-term use of βAET was safe in humans, despite its poor pharmacokinetics. The plasma level of this compound also links positively with Body Mass Index (BMI) in both men and women.

This means higher levels of AET might be present in individuals with higher BMI.


Androstenes like Androstene-3 Beta-7 Beta-17 Beta-Triol have shown promising results in modulating lipid profiles, says an expert from Harbor Biosciences, Inc.


Clinical Trials and Studies

Phase I trials tested its safety and proper dosage. Phase II trials looked at its effectiveness on specific conditions.

Phase I Clinical Trials

Phase I clinical trials are essential for testing new drugs. These trials focus on evaluating the safety and optimal dosage of Androstene-3 Beta-7 Beta-17 Beta-Triol (βAET).

  1. Safety Evaluation


    • βAET was tested to ensure it is safe for humans.
    • Subjects were monitored for any adverse reactions.
    • Injection site reactions were the most common side effects.


  2. Optimal Dosage Determination


    • The trial used a 100 mg/mL isotonic sterile aqueous suspension.
    • βAET was administered through subcutaneous injection.
    • Researchers aimed to find the most effective and safest dose.


  3. Participant Demographics


    • Subjects were divided into two age groups: 18 to 50 years and 65 to 85 years.
    • This helped understand how different ages react to βAET.


  4. Cholesterol Lowering


    • One goal was to see if βAET could lower serum cholesterol levels.
    • Blood tests measured cholesterol before and after administration.


  5. Immune Response Enhancement


    • The potential boost in vaccine effectiveness was also assessed.
    • Researchers looked at immune markers in participants' blood samples.


  6. Clearance Rate


    • It was noted that βAET cleared rapidly from the body after administration.
    • Tracking this helps determine how often doses need to be given.


These Phase I trials provided crucial data on safety, dosage, and initial effects of Androstene-3 Beta-7 Beta-17 Beta-Triol on humans.

Phase II Clinical Trials

Phase II clinical trials test Androstene-3 Beta-7 Beta-17 Beta-Triol on a larger group. These trials help determine the drug's effectiveness and safety.

  1. Subject Selection: Elderly subjects often participate in these trials.


    • Researchers condition them with subcutaneous βAET.
    • Subjects do not significantly increase their titers after vaccination.


  2. Injection Site Reactions:


    • Edema, pain, and erythema are common at injection sites.
    • All participants reported these reactions after receiving subcutaneous βAET.


  3. Statistical Analysis:


    • Mann-Whitney test is used for data analysis.
    • Pair-wise comparisons and exact tests are performed using SAS® v9.1 system.


  4. Clinical Failures:


    • Chronic expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines leads to βAET inactivation.
    • This inactivation is associated with trial failures.


  5. Trial Goals:


    • Determine the pharmacokinetics of the drug.
    • Assess immune modulating effects and impact on serum cholesterol levels.


  6. Documentation:


    • Researchers document all findings meticulously to ensure accuracy.


  7. Study Duration and Monitoring:


    • Trials last several months to monitor long-term effects.
    • Regular health check-ups ensure participant safety during the trial period.


  8. Potential Impact on Inflammatory Conditions:


    The drug shows promise for treating chronic inflammatory conditions affected by dyslipidemic states.

These points outline the comprehensive approach taken during Phase II clinical trials for this compound, focusing on efficacy, safety, and detailed analysis methods employed by researchers.

Benefits of Androstene-3 Beta-7 Beta-17 Beta-Triol

Androstene-3 Beta-7 Beta-17 Beta-Triol may help reduce inflammation in the body. It could also improve physical performance by regulating certain enzymes and pathways.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

βAET significantly reduces acute inflammation both in lab tests and real-life studies. This powerful cortisol modulator can also boost the immune system, making it a potential game-changer for managing inflammatory responses.

Transmucosal tablets with 25 mg potency are formulated to enhance delivery and effectiveness.

Chronic inflammation might not always respond well to DHEA treatment, but βAET shows promise in this area due to its unique properties. According to research, βAET helps tame systemic inflammation by affecting various signaling pathways like mitogen-activated kinase and glucocorticoid receptors.


βAET has shown great potential in reducing acute inflammation while boosting overall immunity.


Potential Enhancements in Physical Performance

Androstene-3 Beta-7 Beta-17 Beta-Triol helps enhance physical performance. It controls cortisol, increasing fat loss and keeping muscle mass intact. Athletes often use Invictus, which contains b-androstenetriol, for physique enhancement.

This compound has no HPTA suppression. Both men and women can safely use it. Stack βAET with fat burners to boost results even more. Using PCT (post cycle therapy) ensures the body maintains balance after cycling off the supplement.

Dosage and Administration Guidelines

For Topical Application:

  1. Measure the dosage: Use recommended amountof the product using the dropper provided.
  2. Application areas: Apply the product to clean, dry skin on the chest, shoulders, and neck.
  3. Frequency: Administer twice daily — once in the morning (AM) and once at night (PM).
  4. Quantity per application: Measure out .5ml each time you apply.
  5. Safety precautions: Do not swallow; it can be harmful if ingested.
  6. Age restrictions: Not suitable for women or individuals under 21 years old.

For Oral Application:

Take one 50mg dose twice per day.  100mg per day is the typical dosage.

Recommended Prohormones for Enhanced Performance

To boost physical performance, several prohormones have demonstrated effectiveness. Here's a summary of some recommended prohormones...


Prohormone Benefits Application Method
Invictus Topical Solution Contains Beta Androstenetriol (3b, 7b, 17b) 3-Acetate, helps in cortisol control, increases fat loss, and maintains muscle mass. Topical solution
1-Andro Enhances muscle mass, strength, and recovery time. Oral tablets
4-Andro Improves muscle growth, strength, and testosterone levels. Oral Tablets
Epiandrosterone Increases muscle hardness, density, and fat loss. Oral tablets
19-Nor Andro Boosts muscle mass and strength with minimal side effects. Oral Tablets



Androstene-3 Beta-7 Beta-17 Beta-Triol shows promising potential. It fights inflammation and boosts your immune system. Clinical trials highlight its benefits in treating chronic diseases.

New derivatives could be even more effective for health issues. This compound is an exciting focus in medical research today!


1. What is Androstene-3 Beta-7 Beta-17 Beta-Triol?

Androstene-3 Beta-7 Beta-17 Beta-Triol, also known as b-aet, is a metabolite of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). It plays a role in the body's steroid hormone production.

2. How is Androstene-3 Beta administered?

It can be given through parenteral administration methods like intravenous fluid or infusion. It may also be taken topically or transmucosally for different effects.

3. What does Androstene-3 do in the body?

It helps regulate adrenal steroids and influences signal transduction pathways. It impacts homeostatic functions and supports cholesterol biosynthesis.

4. Are there studies on Androstene-3's effectiveness?

Yes, phase II studies and clinical trials have explored its pharmacokinetics and effects on tumor necrosis factor alpha, macrophages, and other proinflammatory cytokines.

5. Can it help with obesity or other conditions?

Research suggests it might influence nuclear receptors linked to metabolism and obesity by up-regulating certain enzymes like steroidogenic enzymes.

6. Is human oversight needed for using this compound in treatments?

Human oversight ensures safety during clinical studies involving formulations like Recombivax HB or dietary supplements containing this compound.

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