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Arimistane (Androsta-3,5-dien-7,17-dione): The Ultimate Guide - Supplement Shop

Arimistane (Androsta-3,5-dien-7,17-dione): The Ultimate Guide


Arimistane, also known as Androsta-3,5-dien-7,17-dione, is a powerful compound gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and athletes. With its potential benefits for hormonal balance and physique enhancement, it has become a sought-after supplement in the fitness community. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the science behind Arimistane, its mechanism of action, potential benefits, dosage recommendations, and any associated risks. So, let's explore the world of Arimistane and unlock its secrets.

arimistane androsta-3,5-dien-7,17-dione

  1. Understanding Arimistane:

Arimistane is a synthetic compound derived from DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), a natural hormone produced by the adrenal glands. Its chemical structure and function are similar to the aromatase inhibitors used in hormone therapy. The primary function of Arimistane is to inhibit the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, thereby promoting hormonal balance.

  1. Hormonal Balance and Benefits:

One of the key benefits of Arimistane is its ability to support hormonal balance. By inhibiting estrogen production, Arimistane helps to maintain optimal testosterone levels. This hormonal equilibrium can lead to various advantages, such as:

  • Increased lean muscle mass: Arimistane may support muscle growth and help to achieve a more defined physique.

  • Reduced estrogen-related side effects: By blocking estrogen, Arimistane can help mitigate side effects like water retention, gynecomastia (enlarged breast tissue), and fat gain.

  • Enhanced recovery and performance: Arimistane's potential to optimize hormonal levels may improve workout recovery and boost athletic performance.

  1. Dosage and Administration:

Determining the right dosage of Arimistane is crucial for maximizing its benefits while minimizing the risks. However, it's important to note that dosages should be discussed with a healthcare professional or qualified expert. As a general guideline, an appropriate dosage may range from 25mg to 100mg per day, depending on factors such as experience, goals, and individual tolerance.

  1. Potential Side Effects and Precautions:

While Arimistane is generally well-tolerated, it's important to be aware of potential side effects and take necessary precautions. Common side effects may include temporary changes in lipid profiles, reduced libido, and mild joint discomfort. It's advisable to start with a lower dose and gradually increase it, while closely monitoring any adverse reactions. Additionally, individuals with pre-existing medical conditions or those using other medications should consult a healthcare professional before using Arimistane.

  1. Legality and Availability:

Before considering the use of Arimistane, it's crucial to understand the legal implications and availability in your country or region. Regulations regarding the sale, possession, and use of Arimistane may vary, so it's essential to stay informed and comply with local laws.


Arimistane, also known as Androsta-3,5-dien-7,17-dione, is a compound with the potential to support hormonal balance, enhance physique, and improve athletic performance. As with any supplement, it's important to approach Arimistane with caution and seek professional advice before usage. By understanding the science behind Arimistane, its benefits, optimal dosages, and potential risks, you can make an informed decision about incorporating it into your fitness routine. Remember, your health and well-being should always be a top priority.


Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as medical or professional advice. Always consult a healthcare professional or qualified expert before starting any new supplement or fitness regimen.

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