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Blackstone Labs: Metha-Quad Extreme | 4 Prohormone Stack

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Blackstone Labs Metha-Quad Extreme (MQE) is the original name in powerful prohormones.  The original MQE which is now banned was an extremely powerful blend of methylated "prohormones."  This new legal formula maintains the legacy with a stack of four different andro based compounds.  This combo is a complete prohomone stack packed into one tablet.


What is Metha Quad Extreme 

MQE utilizes the anabolic nature of 1-Andro with the androgenic nature of 4-Andro and androsterone, while maintaining aromatization with arimistane. It contains the following compounds:

  1. Androsterone
  2. 1-androstene-3b-ol-17-one 
  3. 4-androstene-3b-ol 17-one 
  4. Androst-3,5-diene-7,17-dione AKA Arimistane

This quad stack driven by liposomal delivery technology will take your physique to the next level.



Blackstone Labs recommends taking 1 tablet within one hour of training and not to exceed two tablets per day.


Side effects

Prohormones can produce side effects similar to steroids because they convert to steroids once ingested. 

Prohormones can cause interruption in natural hormone production, oily skin and/or acne, masculinization in women, altered lipid levels, and effects on prostate.  They should not be used by those under 21 or who have not reached full hormonal development.

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