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Halotestin | Strength Gains | Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

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Looking to add some serious muscle mass? Want to get that cut, ripped look? If so, you may be interested in Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Halotestin. This powerful anabolic steroid can help you achieve the results you're looking for, but it's important to know everything about it before you start using it. In this blog post, we will discuss all there is to know about Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Halotestin, including dosage information, side effects, and more!

What Is Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Halotestin?

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Halotestin is an especially potent anabolic steroid designed to help you build muscle and strength quickly. It's a derivative of testosterone, but it has been tweaked in order to make the effects more powerful. Halotestin provides extra drive and energy which is great for bodybuilding and powerlifting pre-contest.

How Does Halotestin Work?

The formula includes 17beta (3ketoethyl)-androstane-3-one, or 17a-ol, at 10mg. HydroxyProgestins are a new class of prohormones that aid in muscle growth. The 4-androsten-3B-ol-17=one, also known as 4 Andro, is considered a "wet gainer" because as it converts to testosterone, there is a chance of estrogen conversion and water retention.


Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is an expert in the Bodybuilding and Prohormone industry, having been one of the first companies to introduce many prohormones that have entered the marketplace over time. Our researchers recently developed a unique process called Cyclosome™ Technology.
This system allows for enhanced bioavailability, stability, and delivery of prohormone compounds.

Dosage Information

The recommended dosage of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Halotestin is to take 1 capsule twice daily with meals. This should be done for a period of 4 weeks or less.


17beta (3ketoethyl)-androstane-3-one: This prohormone is Anabolic Progestin, which is a newer class of hormone with effects similar to 1-Testosterone. It works by converting to Testosterone in the body and... Read More

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Serving Size: 1 Tablet
Servings Per Container: 60

17beta (3ketoethyl)-androstane-3-one - 10mg
4-androstane-3B-ol-17-one - 50mg
3B-Hydroxyetioallocholan-17-one - 75mg

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Halotestin | Strength Gains | Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

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