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Muscle Force: EPI-Mass | Muscle Mass Prohormone

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What is EpiMass by Muscle Force?

Epi-Mass by Muscle Force is a Mass building prohormone. Featuring a large dose of androsterone and epiandrosterone for hardcore aggression and gains.  Epi-Mass will target muscle size and strength.  Bioperine is added for enhanced absorption

Epi-Mass Ingredients

A serving size is 2 capsules and each bottle contains 30 servings.

Dosage per serving is:

  • Epiandrosterone - 400mg
  • Androsterone - 150mg
  • Bioperine (piperine) - 10mg

Epi-Mass Dosage

Muscle Force recommends taking 1 capsule twice per day. Take capsules spread 8-10 hours apart.

Epi-Mass Cycle

Epi-Mass can be taken for up to 12 weeks. Epi-Mass is an excellent choice to stack with other compounds. After running Epi-Mass for up to 12 weeks, it is important to follow it with a PCT.



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