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Swole AF Labs Turkesterone Ingredients
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Swole AF Labs: Turkesterone 550mg | 90 Count

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What is Swole AF Labs Turkesterone

Swole AF Labs has released a high quality turkesterone supplement.  This is a blend of a high quality Ajuga turkestanica extract combined with Hydroxypropyl-beta-Cyclodextrin.

The extract is standardized for 10% turkesterone and the absorption is enhanced greatly by the cyclodextrin.  This combination is sure to drive turkesterone to the blood stream.

This product is an excellent non-hormonal anabolic for strength gains and muscle size.

Swole AF Turkesterone Benefits

  • Designed for men and women.
  • Increase nitrogen retention and promote anabolism.
  • No androgenic or estrogenic side effects.
  • Natural plant extract.

Swole AF Labs Turkesterone Ingredients

Swole AF Turkesterone has an excellent value with each capsule containing 550mg of 10% turk extract and hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin.

Each bottle contains 90 capsules and can last 30-90 days depending on the dose.

Swole AF Labs recommends take 1-3 capsules daily.  It is generally recommended to take turkesterone supplements with meals.




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