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LG Sciences: Pioneering Prohormones and the Evolution of a Hardcore Brand - Supplement Shop

LG Sciences: Pioneering Prohormones and the Evolution of a Hardcore Brand

LG Sciences, formerly known as Legal Gear Supplements, has been at the forefront of the prohormone industry since the early 2000s. Focused on providing athletes and bodybuilders with innovative and legal performance-enhancing supplements, the company has undergone significant transformations to maintain a positive reputation and adapt to changing regulations. In this article, we will explore LG Sciences' journey, its initial rise in popularity with banned products, and its current offerings as a leading provider of legal prohormones.

The Early Days: Legal Gear Supplements

Founded in the early 2000s, Legal Gear Supplements emerged as a hardcore company dedicated to creating powerful prohormone supplements. The company's initial success can be attributed to its groundbreaking products, such as Legal Gear Methyl 1-Test and Legal Gear Methyl 1-Alpha, which contained potent prosteroids like methyl 1 testosterone. These compounds offered users significant muscle-building and performance-enhancing benefits, making them popular choices among athletes and bodybuilders seeking an edge in their training.

Legal Gear Methyl 1-Test

The Name Change

As Legal Gear Supplements gained popularity, it also garnered negative attention due to the name "Legal Gear," which was associated with legal steroids. To counter this perception and present themselves as a legitimate and responsible company, the brand decided to rebrand as LG Sciences. The new name better reflected their commitment to scientific research and development, distancing themselves from any implication of promoting questionable substances.

Legal Gear Methyl 1 P

Banned Products and Regulatory Changes

Despite their initial success, LG Sciences faced challenges when some of their products, like Legal Gear Methyl Masterdrol and Methyl 1-P, were deemed non-compliant with evolving regulations. As the prohormone industry came under increased scrutiny, several compounds were banned due to their potential health risks and misuse. LG Sciences, in compliance with regulatory authorities, discontinued the production of these banned products.Legal Gear Methyl Masterdrol

Focus on Legal Prohormones

Adapting to the regulatory landscape, LG Sciences shifted its focus to developing legal prohormones that were still potent and effective but adhered to current guidelines. Today, the company specializes in creating pre-built prohormone stacks, designed to meet specific fitness goals without crossing any legal boundaries.

Current Offerings: LG Sciences Prohormone Stacks

LG Sciences Bulking Andro Kit

  1. Bulking Andro Kit: Designed to help users gain muscle mass, this 6-week cycle contains a combination of legal prohormones that promote muscle growth and strength. The inclusion of post-cycle therapy (PCT) ensures a safe and smooth recovery.LG SCIENCES: CUTTING ANDRO KIT

  2. Cutting Andro Kit: For those looking to lose fat and achieve lean muscle gains, this stack offers a balanced combination of legal prohormones to support cutting phases while preserving muscle mass.LG SCIENCES: BATTLE HARDENER KIT

  3. Battle Hardener Kit: This stack is aimed at enhancing muscle hardness and strength, ideal for bodybuilders preparing for competitions or wanting to achieve a chiseled appearance.LG SCIENCES: TRIFECTA KIT

  4. Trifecta Kit: Focused on lean muscle enhancement, this 6-week cycle combines synergistic legal prohormones to help users achieve their fitness goals efficiently and effectively.


LG Sciences has come a long way from its roots as Legal Gear Supplements, adapting and thriving in the ever-changing prohormone industry. Despite facing regulatory challenges and the discontinuation of some of its products, LG Sciences continues to be a leader in legal prohormone supplements. Their commitment to scientific research, product development, and the creation of pre-built prohormone stacks showcases their dedication to providing athletes and bodybuilders with safe and effective performance-enhancing supplements. As the fitness industry continues to evolve, LG Sciences remains at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of legal prohormone innovation.

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